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Affiliate Program

Thank you for your interest in our Affiliate Program, which allows you to take advantage of your existing Web site and our products and services. Simply link our Web site to yours and you can make commissions on sales. We do all the leg work, you sit back and enjoy increased revenues. Here are the details:

You can earn referral commissions by linking to our site. We will assign you a unique "Affiliate Code" to include in the link. Visitors coming from your site will be tracked automatically. Your Affiliate Code will be attached to their online order of our products. You will be mailed a monthly check for 10% of every product purchased by visitors coming from your site. Choose from several different graphics, which identify you as an affiliate member.

It's so simple:

- No selling - No inventory.
- No fees. You pay nothing.
- No broker's license is required. We process the sale and pay you directly
- No processing of credit cards or customers to bill.
- No files on your Web site. Just a link to our site! - We even provide you with artwork.
- No minimum commitment. Stop anytime.
- Easy setup.
- Nothing to lose and everything to gain!

It takes only minutes to set up, costs nothing, and can make you easy money.
A recent affiliate partner told us, "I'm asleep and making extra cash.... It's a win/win situation."

To get started now!

Click here to signup