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Juice Gallery is a leading consulting company for juice bar training. We offer:

  • juice bar business plans
  • juice bar operations consulting services
  • business solutions and
  • juice bar research data

We specialize in juice bar training and support via our exclusive Real-World Concepts. We have helped entrepreneurs from all over the world realize the dream of owning their own juice bar operation.



The firm was established by Dan Titus in 1992. Popularly known as The Smoothieman, Dan is a nutritional advocate, author, trainer, and industry observer. He is also director of The Juice & Smoothie Association, (JASA). Today, Juice Gallery continues to be an innovator for the industry. The company has been quoted in countless articles about the industry and is recognized as a worldwide authority. International in scope, Juice Gallery has worked in more than 25 countries throughout the world.


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