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Juice Gallery Multimedia

Telephone: (909) 597-0791

About Us

Juice Gallery Multimedia is a software consulting company for juice/smoothie bar start-ups and a leading provider of training, and business information since 1992. We offer juice bar software solutions and consulting services to start and run a successful business. International in scope, we provide cutting-edge industry research and have helped entrepreneurs from all over the world realize the dream of owning their own juice bar or specialty foodservice operation. We specialize in, juice and smoothies, yogurt, and fusion concepts.

The company offers entrepreneurs and researchers cost-effective business solutions and research data. The firm was established by Dan Titus, popularly known as The Smoothieman. Dan is a nutritional advocate who concentrates his efforts on the juicing industry. He is an author, teacher and industry observer. He is also director of The Juice & Smoothie Association.

Today, Juice Gallery Multimedia continues to be an innovator for the industry. The company has been quoted in countless articles about the industry and is recognized as a woldwide authority. International in scope, Juice Gallery Multimedia has worked in more than 25 countries throughout the world, and with numerous companies.

Company Milestones

1992 - Juice Gallery Multimedia established.
1993 - First software product released for Juice and Smoothie Industry.
1995 - First newsletter for the industry established: The Juice Review.
1997 - First industry analysis for industry published.
1998 - The Juice and Smoothie Association established.
2000 - Dan Titus, publishes his first best-selling smoothie book.
2004 - The Original Series of  juice and smoothie books are published.
2007 - Juice Gallery Multimedia celebrates 15th anniversary.
2008 - 10th industry market report published.
2010 - The U.S. Juice & Smoothie Bar Market Report: 2010/11 published.
2012 - Juice Gallery Multimedia celebrating 20 years in business.