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Juice Gallery business plan

Here are the CD-ROM contents:

Business Plan

Edit rather than create from scratch. Imagine editing a business plan that has launched a real business operation; a business plan that has all critical elements and is SBA (Small Business Administration) approved. You get that and more with our exclusive Real-World Business Plan. Our business plans are created in Microsoft Word – the worldwide standard for word processing document files – for easy editing. Simply open the document file and go. Don’t have Microsoft Word? Not to worry. We provide office suite software that is compatible with Microsoft files to speed you on your way. Includes:- Microsoft Word business plan document and these statements in Excel:

  • Sales forecasts
  • Income statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Cash flow statements
  • Loan calculator
  • and more…
Juice Gallery Open Office Suite
Juice Gallery Business Marketing Templates
Juice Gallery Business Productivitiy Templates

Forecasting & Productivity Workbooks

Document and spreadsheets made easy. With this IBM compatible software program, you can create/edit word-processing documents and spreadsheet files. It is compatible with Microsoft document and spreadsheet files so you will always be able to use files you make with this program on most any computer. Solutions, quick and easy.

Marketing Survey Templates

These are a collection of spreadsheets designed to help you with obtaining a customer profile and assessing your strength-and-weaknesses in relation to your competition. Also included are product pricing and competitive pricing models, and a produce pricing calculator. Use these templates to gather statistical data needed to complete your business plan. Answers key questions about your customer: age, sex, income, etc., so that advertising can be targeted directly towards that demographic.

Productivity Software

Use this content to save valuable time. Here are two applications that will assist you with scheduling your employees and editing pictures. If you have ever tried to schedule part-time employees, you know what a headache it can be. Scheduling Employees makes the task easy and fun! The graphics program can be used to edit picture graphic files that you use for your logo and menu. Use this program to edit the files in our Graphics Package.

Juice Gallery Juice Bar Graphics Package

POS Graphics & Artwork

Here is a collection of posters that you can use for your restaurant. There are POS (point-of-purchase) posters that you can modify. Use this collection in conjunction with our Productivity software. It’s simple and easy.

Juice Gallery Fire Safety Program
Juice Gallery Employee Injury Program

Safety Requirements

This contents is designed to get your fire safety requirement completed quickly and easily. Answer some basic questions about your business. Like magic, the program generates a complete fire safety training and education manual. Get compliant with the law with this program. With this online program, you answer safety related questions about your business. For example, you specify a potential hazard that could cause injury in your restaurant. Then, identify steps to avoid the hazard. The program generates a complete action plan to avoid injury and illness at your business location. Training and education, quick and easy.

Juice Gallery Food Safety Program
Juice Gallery Menu Development Program
Juice Gallery Food Safety Training
Juice Gallery Restaurant Employee Training Program

Food Safety & Employee Training U.S. Food Code

The contents here explains what is needed in regards to restaurant food safety. It is the master document that all state health departments use to create their food safety guidelines. Now you can have your very own copy for reference and to use for your own food safety program! This software provides restaurant and foodservice managers with a tool to analyze their menu sales mix. It determines popularity, cost, revenue and profit of each item. The information is provided in a spreadsheet, that is useful for graphing. The program allows the operator to categorize sales not only by meal period, but by menu categories, e.g., appetizers, side orders, entrees, desserts, and miscellaneous. Categories are viewed separately and then combined in a summary spreadsheet providing cost information that can be compared to figures reported on the monthly income statements.

HACCP Restaurant Safety Program Guide

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) government rules require that safe food handing techniques be observed in restaurants and foodservice facilities. Products with disease-causing (pathogenic) bacteria, pose a health risk. The goal of HACCP is to outline all critical stages in the preparation of food and identify preventive and corrective measures that need to be instituted at each stage of the food production process; identify hazards and develop solutions to deal with them.

Employee Training

Contents for Safety and Information Posters allows managers and owners to become compliant with the law. This product contains wage and safety information that is required by the government to be predominately displayed at the place of business for all employees to see. It contains several full color PDF posters that can be printed on a computer for use throughout the organization. Solutions simple and easy.

Juice Gallery How to Get a Trademark
Juice Gallery How to Get a Patent

Trademarks & Patents

The contents here is about How to Get a Trademark Quickly and Easily is designed to educate you how to obtain a trademark without having to spend your hard earned cash on expensive lawyers. The process is explained in a simple step-by-step procedure. Once completed, you will have applied for your trademark, quickly and easily. Trademark your logo, your menu and more with this exciting title. Don’t let anyone steal your creative ideas! How to Get a Patent Quickly and Easily is a simple way to learn about what is involved to register a patent for your invention. Thousands of patents are applied for every year. This book gives you a heads-up in explaining what you need to do before you waste your time and money talking to expensive consultants and lawyers