Juice Gallery Features Wheat Grass

The features of our exclusive Business Resources Series concepts get you into business with no contracts, consulting fees, franchise fees, license fees, or royalties. No quotes or hidden fees – Keep your valuable start-up capital and profits for yourself.

Our products represent less than 1% percent of your total start-up cost!

Our exclusive Real-World business concepts include three major components:

  1. Comprehensive Business Start-up Solutions – Complete business planning.
  2. Complete Store Operations – From recipes to job descriptions, we’ve go you covered.
  3. Phone and email support – When you have questions, we will be there.

Concept Features

  • Operations Manual
  • Business Plan
  • Juice Bar & Fusion Recipes
  • Juice & Smoothie Industry Report
  • CD-ROM Disc: Start-up & Store Operations
  • Video – DVD Disc: Equipment, Suppliers & More
  • Six Months Support

It’s Quick & Easy With Juice Gallery

With our track record of being in business since 1992, we have an expert, economical business start-up solution geared towards your success.

Juice Gallery offers you a complete turnkey system. Our software and consulting solutions $ave you valuable start-up capital so that you can put it to work in your business. In fact:

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Our Concepts: Your Keys To Success

Our proven training techniques get you up to speed and more importantly level the playing field. For example, when you go through the materials in our popular concept packages, you will know what we know; therefore, you will educated enough to ask an educated question. Right now, if you are looking to start a juice operation, you probably have many, many questions. Our materials will answer them and at the same time access your needs as you develop ideas. Our concept packages include six months unlimited phone and email support; therefore, when you have questions, we will be there - constantly moving towards your goal of opening a store. When you consider that our concept packages cost less then 1% or your total start-up cost, we are sure that you will agree, it is an investment in your future that will pay dividends now.