Business Plans

Juice Bar Business Plans

Juice Bar Business Plans

Simply load, edit, save and print. It’s that easy!

Edit rather than create from scratch. Imagine editing a business plan that has launched a real business operation; a business plan that has all critical elements and is SBA (Small Business Administration) approved. You get that and more with our exclusive Real-World Business Plan. Our business plans are created in Microsoft Word – the worldwide standard for word processing document files – for easy editing. Simply open the document file and go.  Includes:

Microsoft Word business plan document and these financial features in Excel:

  •  Sales forecasts
  •  Income statements
  •  Balance sheets
  •  Cash flow statements
  •  Break-even analysis
  •  Loan calculator

Why a Juice Bar Business Plan? …It’s a start-up essential!

  • Provides you with a operating blueprint.
  • Assists with the financing of your business. Your banker/investor will insist on seeing your business plan.
  • Assists with your site development. Leasing brokers will want to see your plan.
  • Provides a powerful business navigation tool. Defines the business goals and objectives. Allows for plan adjustment – Make your mistakes on paper, it is cheaper.
  • Provides you with a SBA approved business plan, which educates you about your chosen business, so that when asked, you’ll have the right answers.