Concepts: “A juice bar in a box…” – The Wall Street Journal



Juice Gallery Juice Bar Concepts

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Concepts: Program Benefits

  • Training, education, & support
  • Operating blueprints
  • Tools for securing financing
  • Tools for securing a location
  • Start-up & operations solutions

Our exclusive Real-World business concepts include three major components:

  1. Comprehensive Business Start-up Solutions – Complete business planning.
  2. Complete Store Operations – From recipes to job descriptions, we’ve got you covered.
  3. Phone and email support – When you have questions, we will be there – See Features.


Juice Gallery concepts have assisted over 1,700 entrepreneurs from all over the world realize their dream of starting a juice bar. Since 1992, we’ve offered our exclusive Real-World juice bar concepts designed to start and run a successful business. We provide leading-edge industry research and we have helped thousands of clients move from a dreaming stage to reality. From major food corporations to individuals, Juice Gallery provides Tools for Business Success.


Juice Gallery Concepts No Franchise Fees

Our exclusive Business Resources Series concepts get you into business with:

  • no contracts,
  • no consulting fees,
  • no franchise fees,
  • no license fees,
  • no royalties,
  • no quotes or hidden costs – Keep your valuable start-up capital and profits for yourself.

Juice Gallery Concepts No Mixes

Juice Gallery promotes fresh made-to-order (MTO) organic pressed juices and natural smoothies;  specializing in whole food blending and juicing.


Juice Gallery offers you a complete turnkey system. Our software and consulting solutions $ave you valuable start-up capital so that you can put it to work in your business. In fact, Our products represent less than 1% percent of your total start-up cost. With our track record, we have an expert, economical business start-up solution geared towards your success.

“The system worked great. We got our financing and started without a hitch” – Nate McEntire, Smoothie Shack, Durango, CO

“Great job!…We are highly satisfied with your product. Everything is more than what we expected.”  – Heavens Harvest, Springfield MA


You’ve decided to start your own operation and Juice Gallery can help you $ave thousands of dollars. Now ask: What’s your time worth? You have more than likely spent above and beyond the price of our products, just investigating your idea. To that end, we make two assumptions:

1. You have never run a business
2. You have never run a smoothie juice bar or a restaurant

Juice Gallery moves you forward towards your goals. Ready to get started?

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