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Our exclusive Juice Bar Recipes Book has quickly become a definitive authority for making  juice and smoothies. Part of our Smoothiemann® Series,  this book is by industry expert, Dan The Smoothieman Titus. There is no other  publication that offers the comprehensive overview needed to produce quality juice, smoothies in a retail setting. If you plan to open  a juice/smoothie bar or add juice and/or juice bar recipes as a complement to  existing menu offerings, this is the book for you. 93 pages.

Recipe Details

  • Over 70 professional juice bar recipes
  • Selected nutritional facts for high-end custom juice bar smoothies
  • Includes information about popular supplement mix-ins
  • Includes non-dairy
  • Includes recipes for fresh organic pressed vegetable drinks
  • Includes how to obtain high-yields for fresh produce drinks
  • Includes information about fresh juice PowerShots
  • Includes information about yogurt cups
  • Includes information about flavored teas

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